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Our Quick Softwares

Quick Plus

India's First GST Ready Business ERP Software for Supermarkets, Mobile Shops / Computers / Electronics / FMCG Dealers, Retailers / Wholesalers / Manufacturers etc.

Quick Mandi

E.R.P. Software For Sabzi Mandi Commission Agents with Supplier / Customer Bills, Rate / Weight Adjustment, Stock Management, Accounts, Crates, more.

Quick School

ERP Software for Schools & Colleges to handle Enquiry, Admission, Fee Management, Library, Attendance, Time Table, Certificates, ID Card, Reminder Letters, Demand Register, more

Quick Dairy

ERP Software for Milk Dairies with Milk Sale / Purchase, 10 Days Bill Summary, Ledger, Commission, Stock Sale / Purchase, FAT, SNF, CLR and much more.

Quick Lab

Software For Clinical Labs to maintain records of patients with accurate test reports. Completely customizable with its own Tests and formulations.

Quick Star

Software for Hotels and Restaurants with K.O.T. Management, Table Booking, Room Rent Service, Billing, Stock Management, Production. Very Easy to operate.

Quick Medi

ERP Software For Pharmaceutical Dealers and Distributors (Wholesale and Retail Chemists) with Stock management, Expiry Calculation & much more.

Quick Stone

ERP Software for Jewelry Shops with Stock Management, Girvi management, Tag Printing, Today Rates, Ordering manage, Sale /Purchase , Financial Accounting & more



Innovative & Enthusiastic IT Entrepreneurs
Active and enthusiastic entrepreneurs can fully exploit the potentialities of a coompany available resources. Such as Softwares, Technology and Capital.

Software companies
Softwares Companies were increase growth in business using these softwares.My ERP Provide software for every trade

Website designers and developers
Web Developers & Designers are generate packages of 'website + Accounting Software' increase own turnover figures.

IT Startups
Great oppurtunity for those startups who were survived because of their financial terms & they genrate side income by selling these softwares.

How To Join

Road Map To Start Your Own Software Company

No Investment Required
To Become a part of this programme 'No Investment Requirement', Only Concentrate on sales.

No Programming Required
No need of technical skills for join this programme only determination & sales skills will increase your income.

No Experience Required
No need of experience in software trade to join this programme.

No Need to Hire Software Engineer
Most Important, No need of software Engineer Every Technical Problem will tackled by Company.

How We Work

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How To Experience Total Control Over Your Business
The total system is maintained and controlled at backend by Our partner CRM. Every partner is given a partner code and password of this CRM.
Partner CRM will help you
Do Final Verification every software license.
Manage list of used and unused licenses.
Manage list of all installations.
List of clients
Manage New Installations Asking licenses
Demo extension authority
Control Annual Renewal
Manage software references / leads given by customers
List of clients need an employee
List of software installed by your reference partners

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